Business Cards

Full Color Both Sides
Free UV Lamination

Maxian Printing offers the most professional color business cards for a great price. You can pay the same price here for full color double sided cards with free UV Lamination that you would for black and white cards. Make an impact on your business and order today!

2"x3.5" Business Cards with full color printing on front of card and back of card.
Includes UV coating on one or both sides to give your cards a rich shiny look and feel.

Please note that all sides of the cards printed in full color will have a shiny UV coating.
All sides that are printed in black and white or have no graphics printed on them will be printed without UV coating.
UV coating gives your cards a rich shiny texture, but it's not possible to write on any portions of the cards that are UV coated. If you want to be able to write on the cards you can get "Spot UV Coated" business cards or you can order your cards with black and white printing or no printing on the sides where you do not wish to have any UV coating.

Business Cards 2x3.5
Fold Over Cards 4x3.5
CD Business Cards
$ 99
$ 160
$ 240
$ 320
$ 300
$ 599
$ 849
$ 1079
$ 1,250
$ 4,500
$ 7,500
$ 11,000
$ 15,000

Spot UV Coated Business Cards:
This process allows you to include a shiny UV coating on only the parts of your cards where you want to have UV Coating and leave the other areas uncoated so that you can write on the uncoated areas of your card.
The process of Spot UV coating is the same as printing except that instead of ink, a shiny UV coating material is used.

2"x3.5" Business Cards with Spot UV Coating and full color printing on the front and back of the cards:

Business Cards 2x3.5
$ 170
$ 302
$ 440
$ 580


The following are small quantity prices for customers that wish to order or re-order small quantities of the same card design for several different people in their organization. Initial minimum order is $300.

2"x3.5" Business Cards with full color printing on front of card and back of card.
UV Coated on both the front and back.

There is no Spot UV coating option available on print runs setup for quantities of less than 1,000. However if you wish to leave the back of your card uncoated so they can be written onto, you can leave the back of the cards blank, or you can have your cards printed with a black & white (greyscale) design on the back. Cards that have no design on the back or have a black & white (greyscale) design on the back are not UV coated on the back. Your cards will still be UV coated on the front:

Full color business cards


Tear off business cards are business cards connected to a flyer that can be torn off. This way you can give out a flyer that has all your information on it and people can tear off the business card along the perforated line and keep the business cards.

Description of product Quantity Price
3.5"X 11" Door Hangers w/ tear-off perforation on 14 PT w/ UV 1000 $320
  2500 $700
  5000 $999
8.5" X 3.5" Postcards w/ tear-off perforation and 14 PT UV 1000 $300
  2500 $420
  5000 $540